LXJ Code UM Plus: Hackathon’s champion

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By Johnelle McKenzie – LOVE FM

LXJ Code UM Plus is the winning team of the Hackathon competition. The announcement was made at Beltraide’s Entrecon, which was held today at the Best Western Plus Biltmore Plaza. This year’s participants were tasked with developing an app for the healthcare profession. Adriana Villegas of LXJ Code UM Plus told us about their winning app.

Adriana Villegas – LXJ Code UM Plus: “The main objective of our operation is to facilitate the Health Industry Care Process between the consumer and the supplier so what our app enables the general populace to do is they can book appointments online and they can find their medication. As soon as you get into the app it fetches your location and it tells you the nearby pharmacies that are around your location and without hassle you can go and you can get your medications at any pharmacy available around you and also if you have a prescription we work on under the E prescription boundaries and you can scan your restrictions and it can tell you what pharmacies have all your medications and it will have like a bar on the side with a green check mark and those pharmacies will be the ones that have all of your medications on your prescriptions.”

Belize High School had entered two teams which place second and third in this year’s Hackathon’s competition. Marcelli Young, a teacher at Belize High School shared how proud they are of their students.

Marcelli Young – Belize High School: “We are so proud of all of our students: we had two teams that participated as high school students and they competed against tertiary level and businesses and for that we are super proud of our students that we have two in the top three. We came in second and third: I.T. and Technology is something that our school just promotes in every aspect possible. We have students that are I.T. Majors And we have included oed our Science student in this competition.”

Love news also spoke to one of the judges, Mervin Budram, who said that it was indeed a hard decision since all the entrance were incredible.

Mervin Budram – Judge: “Yes I want to say that it was very close and it was very hard to select for us as a Judge. All the presentation was amazing. I think when we really thought about it as a panel the LSG one was ready to go to market, it was a at a point where it definitely had the website, the app and everything was functioning, it was kind of ready to go and what we actually suggest was that there were elements from each position that we believe would enhance the products of what we as a Judge Team were hoping that these three teams would get together and team up and pull their ideas together because I think they really have something that Belize can use.”

The winning team received three thousand five hundred dollars and will be receiving technical support from Beltraide.  Belize Medical Associates will also be working with them to implement the app.

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